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  • Stop advanced threats before they get to people over email, social media and mobile apps
  • Protect the information people create to reduce the attack surface and compliance risk
  • Enable their teams to respond quickly when things go wrong

Sparx Solutions helps cybersecurity professionals protect their users from advanced attacks that target them via email, mobile apps, and social media. But since some attacks get through even the best defences, our solutions proactively protect the critical information people create and equip security teams with the right intelligence and tools to respond quickly.

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Well over 90% of targeted attacks use email, social media , or mobile apps to compromise your endpoints, steal your credentials, and steal your data. Our solutions detect and block these threats with a powerful blend of:

  • Cloud-powered tools to detect and block malicious email attachments, links, social media posts, and mobile apps, updated in real time as the threat landscape changes
  • A massive threat graph composed of observed attacker tradecraft built with hundreds of billions of data points, helping stop attack campaigns both with and without malware
  • Analysis by a dedicated team of over 100 threat researchers powered by Proofpoint

Next-Generation Solutions powered by Proofpoint threat intelligence

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Today’s attackers target users everywhere they work – on  and off your network, across a wide mix of devices, and through new communications channels. Our advanced threat solutions work in the email flow via a gateway, on social platforms, and across the worlds’ app stores to detect advanced threats everywhere they target people.