UFC 129 Preview – St Pierre vs Shields and Other Important Match Ups

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UFC 129 Preview – St Pierre vs Shields and Other Important Match Ups

UFC 129 is scheduled for Saturday April 30th, 2011 9 pm EST at the Rogers Centre in Toronto, Ontario Canada. UFC 129 features, what should be, a very exciting main event which showcases the best pound-for-pound mixed martial artist in the world: Georges “Rush” St Pierre. St Pierre is on an incredible run in the UFC and many experts agree that St Pierre is the best pound-for-pound fighter in the world.

St Pierre will be fighting in his home country, Canada, where he is regarded as a national hero. How could he not be? St Pierre brings so much pride to the citizens of Canada. However, his opponent, Jake Shields, is not exactly a slouch. Just like St Pierre, Shields has also dominated the 170-pound weight class for years and these two have seemingly been on a collision course for years.

Shields will be the villain as he is from San Francisco, California looking to defeat the home-town hero. St Pierre’s last fight was in Montreal, Canada where the entire crowd cheered him on. When UFC 129 begins, it will be the largest crowd for a UFC event in history. The event is already sold out with 55,000 tickets sold in the opening minutes. This ensures that Canada will be getting more UFC events in the future. I’m sure Canadians everywhere are very excited about this prospect.

UFC 129 also features the electric Jose Aldo who fights in the 145-pound weight class. Aldo came over to the UFC when the WEC & UFC merged into one fight promotion. Not only is Aldo the champion at the 145-pound weight class, he owns some of the most spectacular knockouts in mma history. Aldo is a lightning-fast Brazilian fighter who will be facing Mark “The Machine” Hominick. Hominick is also a very talented fighter but Aldo is just on a different level.

One thing to note is that Aldo is coming off of an injury so we will have to keep a close eye on his performance. If Aldo stumbles at all, it would most likely be due to his injury and not the fact that Hominick got the better of him. This should also be a very exciting fight between the two 145-pounders.

Another very interesting fight taking place at UFC 129 is Randy “The Natural” Couture vs Lyoto Machida. Both Couture and Machida are former champions at the 205-pound weight class and Couture was also a champion at the heavy weight class. Couture is a UFC hall-of-famer and is a legendary figure in mixed martial arts. Couture’s son, Ryan Couture, is also starting to make a name for himself in the mixed martial arts world.

Couture poses a lot of challenges for Machida – despite the fact that Couture is 47 years old. Typically mixed martial artists loose a bit of their luster in their late 30s, but Couture has defied the odds and still competes at an extremely high level. In fact, Couture has won his last 3 fights in a row. Not many fighters in their 20s or early 30s can say that.

There are so many exciting match-ups taking place during UFC 129 that it could go down as the most exciting UFC event ever. It will certainly go down as the highest attended UFC event ever. Congratulations to the UFC and their president Dana White for creating such a spectacular sport. I don’t know about you but I can’t wait for UFC 129 in Toronto!

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