Join Us to learn about the AI-Driven Enterprise

Demystify the use of AI in NetOps and learn the benefits of network automation, ML and AI, and take away the uncertainty around deploying innovative technologies in your networks with Sparx Solutions and Juniper Networks.

AI In Action

Juniper's AI-Driven Enterprise portfolio enables enterprises to scale and simplify the deployment of their campus wired and wireless networks while bringing greater insight and automation to network operators.

Learn how Enterprises are leveraging AIOPs to transform network management in the following areas:

  1. Anomaly Detection
  2. Automatic remediation of network and security issues
  3. Intelligent alerting/escalation
  4. Automatic remediation of IT service problems

AI-Driven Enterprise

Discover how adopting AI can enable you business to adapt and shift priorities.

Businesses are adopting cloud-based applications and services to avoid infrastructure cost and complexity, increase IT agility, and accelerate digital transformation.  The adoption of an AI-Driven enterprise can enable your orgranisation to reduce cost in the operation of your network, gain valuable insights and enhance agility to support your business requirements today and into the future.

Guest Speakers

James Deane - Product Specialist 

In his 20 year career in the field of networking, James is a dedicated advocate for leveraging cutting-edge technologies to enhance network operations.

His extensive experience has not only honed his technical skills but has also cultivated a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within the networking landscape.

At the core of James's professional philosophy is a genuine passion for helping customers unlock the potential of AI Operations in their networks.

Paul Brauer - Product Specialist 

With over 25 years experience in technology and leadership roles in various leading vendors, Telco's and System Integrator’s, Paul has a passion for working with his clients to deliver business value out of AI native platforms. Over this time, he has worked across various verticals including healthcare, education, enterprise and government, however has a particular focus on innovation which improves the lives of constituents.

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