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Employees: Your last line of defense

Companies, whatever their size, are all exposed to cyber-crime, after all, you just need to check the news online time to time to realise how serious of a problem it has become. Therefore, all the players within the company must be aware of this and actively participate in the protection of sensitive data within the organisation.

To improve the security of your business and encourage your employees to adopt good practices in cybersecurity, the drafting of a data protection policy is necessary. Its content may vary depending on the sector of the company but it must be clearly written and understood by all. Employees will thus be aware of data considered sensitive within the company and will know how to protect it effectively.

Even if they are not malicious, the employees themselves can be a vector of cyber-attacks. Lack of knowledge and inattentiveness are the often the main reasons.

Employee training has proven to be an effective weapon in detecting threats (for example, recognizing phishing attempts) and adopting safer behavior. Of course, this awareness must be done in the long term, regardless of the level of investment done in software based solutions. Newly recruited employees should be made aware of company’ security rules, but it is also important to regularly remind employees with more seniority to stay alert. To test the reaction of their employees to a hack, some companies organise, through third parties such as Sparx Solutions, “test” emails to employees, including links that they shouldn’t normally click on. Thus, the company can obtain a full report and act effectively by offering personalized training to employees who have been trapped.

Getting employees to embrace the importance of cyber-security requires education and patience. It’s a long-term communication process that you need to take. You can, for example, remind the security rules in the newsletters sent to all employees, put up posters and stickers in common areas or even provide employees with materials that they can freely consult if necessary.

IT security breaches in businesses are often the result of human negligence. It is therefore essential to “educate” your employees in cybersecurity, with appropriate training and communication for educational purposes.

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