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Coronavirus-Themed Emails Deliver Malware, Phishing, Scams

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Coronavirus-Themed Emails Deliver Malware, Phishing, Scams

Several cybersecurity companies have spotted campaigns that use Coronavirus-themed emails to deliver malware, phishing attempts and scams.

The new coronavirus outbreak, which started in China, has made a lot of headlines recently and has caused global panic. Over 40,000 infections have been confirmed and the death toll has exceeded 1,000. The virus has been named 2019-nCoV and Covid-19.

Given the virus’s impact, it’s not surprising that cybercriminals and fraudsters have been leveraging the panic for their own gain. Alerts about cyber threats exploiting the coronavirus outbreak have been issued by several firms and new campaigns continue to emerge.

One new campaign, spotted by researchers at Proofpoint this week, leverages the potential disruptions caused by the coronavirus to global shipping. The attackers seem to target industries such as manufacturing, industrial, finance, transportation, pharmaceutical and cosmetic.

The Risk

Proofpoint and IBM reported in late January that they had observed malicious documents set up to deliver the notorious Emotet banking trojan. The operation has been attributed to a known cybercriminal group and it’s aimed at users in Japan.

Kaspersky has seen campaigns delivering malware via PDF, DOCX and MP4 files claiming to provide information on the new coronavirus. “The file names imply that they include virus protection instructions, current threat developments and even virus detection techniques,” Kaspersky said.

The Solution

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