Our people and culture are the heart and soul of our business, providing exceptional service through an inclusive, flexible and diverse workplace.

At Sparx Solutions we support diversity to drive innovation, creativity, and excellence. Our commitment in building a more inclusive and vibrant culture is a core component in our ability to continuing building our first-class, best in business team to service and support our amazing customers.


    Our goal is to create a workplace where every individual feels safe, valued, and respected. We recognise that a diverse workplace offers unique perspectives and talents that each person brings to our team.


    Sparx Solutions does not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, ability, religion or any other characteristics. We are committed to promoting equality in all aspects of our outcome-based operation. We welcome all to be part of our special organisation to contribute to the success of Sparx and its partners.


    We acknowledge that diversity is an ongoing journey. We are committed to continuous learning and improvement, seeking feedback, and adapting our practices to better reflect the diversity of the Sparx team.


We actively recruit and retain individuals from diverse backgrounds, recognizing that a broad range of perspectives enhances our creativity and problem-solving capabilities.

Our policies and practices are designed to be inclusive and fair. We promote a workplace culture that values diversity and encourages collaboration.

We engage with and contribute to the broader community. Through partnerships, events, and initiatives, we aim to make a positive impact and promote diversity beyond the confines of our organization

Sparx Pledge for Inclusivity and Diversity

Sparx recognises that the inclusivity and diversity is a journey and requires ongoing commitment and investment. We pledge to continue our journey, grow and learn as a business through continuous improvement and asessment of our progress. We will adapt our strategies internally to  ensure that Sparx Solutions remains a place where everyone feels welcome, appreciated, and empowered.

Why choose us



    We engage our customers as partners to provide the most suitable solutions to meet their business and technical needs.


    Our nimble team of experts provide a responsive and flexible environment to adapt to changes in requirements and outcomes.


    The pillar to our success collaboration and teamwork with our customers. We believe in honesty, integrity and customer enablement.


    Our consultants possess a strong understanding of business principles and applying these to infrastructure, security and support solutions.

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