Security leadership and project-based delivery without the need to hire or overtax busy internal resources

In some cases there may not be the time or skillset in-house to create a security roadmap, research current threats and their mitigations or to deliver the security solution that is needed urgently

We provide the knowledge, experience and skills to assist you at both a security policy and implementation level to delivery solutions to meet your current and future requirements.


  • Traceability and Scalable Project methodology

    All engagements follow a modular methodology to ensure that business requirements are identified and met throughout the engagement and beyond.

  • Unbiased, vendor neutral advice

    We work to find the best solution to meet your needs without the bias of being tied to a single product or vendor. We partner with multiple vendors across all fields and actively search out new and upcoming solutions to provide a breadth of options.

  • Collaborative approach to engagements

    We work together with you to not only meet your short terms requirements but to help you define and achieve your long term roadmap in terms of security compliance and projects – in it for the long haul.

  • Scalable Trusted Advisor

    Whether you need advice on the best way to protect your environment, meeting recent audit compliance requirements or building out your security roadmap from the ground up to meet new threats we can scale to meet your needs. Working on both short term and long term engagements as required.



  • Perimeter & Cloud security

    Our project methodology scales to all sizes and type of engagements related to the implementation, migration, and optimisation of both on-premise and cloud security solutions. Combined with our collaborative approach we ensure that the end state meets ALL requirements, not just the initial ones.

  • Endpoint security

    With the increase in remote access requirements, the identification and protection of assets connecting to your networks and infrastructure is becoming paramount, especially when off-network.
    The discovery of elements connecting to and communicating across your Enterprise and beyond allows you to define the controls that need to be put in place I order to protect against threats and protect you assets.

  • CIOaaS

    Security leadership, policy development, security roadmaps, these are key parts of the role of the CISO within an organisation. In some organisations there is not the resources or budget to fulfill this role on a full time basis. This is where the CISOaaS function comes into play.
    Providing scheduled and ad-hoc guidance and assistance as required by the organisation in the development and activation or security roadmaps and compliance initiatives as and when they are required.

  • Remote access

    Sparx Solutions provides secure, authenticated access for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources—anytime, anywhere. Leveraging SSL VPN technologies allow Sparx Solutions to provide customers flexible, highly secure remote access solutions providing the ability to easily right-size the solution, simplify the adoption of BYOD, integrate with market-leading perimeter firewall solutions and offer solutions that meet requirements across every major industry.

  • Email & Content Security

    The use of email is still a major player in the compromising of Enterprises through Phishing, drive-by-downloads and malware propagation.
    Putting solutions in place to automate the weeding out and removal of spam and malware related emails and content reduces the need for staff to monitor abuse mailboxes and review potential incidents.

  • Vulnerability Management and compliance

    Penetration testing is the practice of attacking IT systems in the same way a hacker would to identify security holes. Our non-exploitive penetration testing will report on detected vulnerabilities or weaknesses and will validate your devices to ensure there are no vulnerable systems.

    Sparx Solutions can ensure your security policy is effective by providing both internal and external vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Additionally, we can also provide external — Internet sourced — vulnerability assessments as an ongoing managed service to ensure your infrastructure and applications are continually secured.

  • Governance, risk management, and compliance

    Governance Risk and Compliance is the cornerstone to the successful deployment of entries security. Sparx Solutions can help to discovery, define and plan for these requirements outside of just the implementation of solutions.

  • Zero Trust Network Access (SASE)

    The shift in workforce dynamics to remote working continues to be one of the most challenging and exciting areas of IT infrastructure design however requires further thought into user and network security. While corporate virtual private networks (VPNs) were the standard for securing remote access in years past, they are being replaced by zero-trust network access (ZTNA). Sparx ZTNA solutions help replace broad network access with granular, identity-based access to important IT resources.



Our vertical solutions expertise allows your business to leverage our industry experience, and provide end to end security controls. No matter the business, Sparx Solutions; has you covered with industry compliant solutions.



Our technology-focused vertical solutions allow Sparx Solutions to provide your business an end to end cyber security framework to secure your business, gain insights and increase productivity. No matter the business, Sparx Solutions has you covered with industry compliant solutions, customised to your company’s specific needs.

Cyber Framework

  • Next-Generation Firewall
  • Next-Generation Endpoint Security
  • Cloud Security
  • Zero-Trust | Secure Remote Access
  • Single Sign-On | Multi-Factor Auth
  • Security Orchestration & Automation
Mitra Minai

You and your team are amazing and Healthscope will be forever indebted to you for all that you’ve done for us these past few weeks – COVID-19 security response

Mitra Minai
Chief Information Security Office (CISO) - Healthscope
National Retail Chain

In the midst of COVD-19, Sparx Solutions assisted our company through the rapid migration to remote working. With partnership at the forefront, Sparx Solutions co-invested in the wellbeing of our business to ensure our users were secure and able to access internal resources from anywhere.

National Retail Chain
Zero Trust Remote Access