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End-to-End Security

The Internet has advanced to a necessary medium for almost every organisations’ present and future business operations. Whether the usage is an e-commerce solution, Website, or Site-to-Site Virtual Private Network (VPN), one fact remains: the end-to-end domain must be safe and assured.

Sparx IT Solutions has the necessary skills and experience to ensure your end-to-end domain is secure. To meet this objective, Sparx provides a range of IT security services to our clients including:

Sparx Solutions provides defence in depth solutions incorporating industry proven network architecture, Next-Generation Firewall (NGFW) Services to provide strong cyber security services and Support and Helpdesk Services to reduce your attack surface.

NGFW Services safely allow application level managed security services that control and understand the operation of critical applications and block advanced malware from entering the perimeter of your network.

Sparx Endpoint Security solutions provide a means of protecting the corporate network from threats sourced from remote devices such as laptops or other wireless network and mobile devices. Each device with a remote connecting to the wireless network creates a potential entry point for security threats and as such requires strong controls that are inline with what is implemented at the perimeter. We offer you IT Helpdesk Services to keep you at the top of your game.

Sparx Solutions’ UAC solution is a great way to control which devices or users connect to your network and what they can do once they are connected. With our comprehensive UAC solution, our customers benefit from the following:

  • Collect endpoint device profiling information and maintain dynamic, contextual inventory of networked devices;
  • View local and remote endpoints from single GUI;
  • Monitor and manage devices for profile change;
  • Supports comprehensive policy enforcement;
  • Use device inventory for asset management; and
  • Useful for troubleshooting and visibility purpose

It’s exactly like the access control you have been setting up on file shares for years. When you think about it, why should any device with a wireless password or wired connection access everything?

Sparx Managed security services (MSS) provides an integrated solution to managed our customers’ security needs through customer support services. The services are provided as a Co-Managed or Outsourced service depending on whether you have IT resources in-house. You dont have to look beyond Sparx for Managed IT Security services.

Sparx Solutions provides 24/7 monitoring with customised SLAs, management of intrusion detection systems and firewalls, supervising patch management and upgrades, performing security assessments and security audits, and responding to emergencies. This diverts the burden of performing the chores manually, which can be considerable, away from administrators.

Sparx Solutions provides secure, authenticated access for remote and mobile users from any web-enabled device to corporate resources—anytime, anywhere. Leveraging SSL VPN technologies allows Sparx Solutions to provide customers flexible, highly secure remote access solutions providing the ability to easily right-size the solution, simplify the adoption of BYOD, integrate with market-leading perimeter firewall solutions and offer solutions that meet requirements across every major industry.


Penetration testing is the practice of attacking IT systems in the same way a hacker would to identify security holes. Our non-exploitive penetration testing will report on detected vulnerabilities or weaknesses and will validate your devices to ensure there are no vulnerable systems.

Sparx Solutions can ensure your security policy is effective by providing both internal and external vulnerability assessments and penetration tests. Additionally, we can also provide external — Internet sourced — vulnerability assessments as an ongoing managed service to ensure your infrastructure and applications are continually secured.

Sparx Solutions provide the following Security testing services

An External Network Penetration test is done to evaluate the ability to gain access to the network or Internet facing resources from an external source.

An Internal Network Penetration Test is done in order to evaluate the ability of a network and infrastructure resources to ensure or hold up to an attack from within the trusted network.

A web application penetration test helps organisations discover vulnerabilities in the software application, exhibit the impact of threats and weaknesses, and propose mitigation measures

Mobile application security testing helps organisations assess the security of new or already deployed mobiles apps, evaluation platform related vulnerabilities, understand device exposure, highlight bypass techniques and provide mitigation techniques.

Sparx Solutions has a team of accomplished penetration testers who specialise in Payment Card Industry. We deliver quality through annual internal and external penetration tests in compliance with the requirements of the PCI DSS standard.

At the end of a test, we provide a thorough report on the findings with a step wise explanation of the penetration process along with practical recommendations.